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Example College Statement


Why did you choose your school?
I chose Indiana University because it was one of the only schools that offered my major. I really liked that the school saw the importance of preparing students to participate in an international society.

What had the biggest impact on your decision?
The biggest impact on my decision was being accepted into the Groups program because it opened up so many doors and opportunities to help make my first year here great.

How does college differ from high school?
In high school you pretty much do what you are expected to do to graduate. In college, you make your academic, extracurricular, and social experience what you want it to be.

What helped you adjust to college life?
Spending that first summer out of high school in the Groups program taking college courses on campus really took the stress out of beginning the fall semester. It felt like I was one step ahead.

Do you participate in any activities or organizations?
With more than 500 student organizations on campus, it is hard not to find something you would like to get involved with. I, for example, am involved with Latinos Unidos of Indiana University (LUIU), Multicultural Outreach Recruitment Education (MORE), and Social Justice League.

What do you like best about your school?
What I like best about IU is that its size allows for the accommodation of so many different interests, people, and personalities.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plans for after graduation are to join the Peace Corps for two years then hopefully go on to law school. Ultimately, I plan to work for a nongovernmental organization that focuses on human rights.

Do you have any advice for future students?
My advice for future students is to really prepare your time management skills because that is key to succeeding in college. Once you are here, explore all the options the university has to offer. If something interests you, ask questions and do what it takes to become part of that because your years at the university are truly what you make of them.

Profile Info

Name: Beverly

Major: International studies

Hometown: Merrillville, Indiana

Year: Junior

Favorite Activity: The cultural events, I think, are the best.

Favorite Hangout: La Casa has definitely become my home away from home.

Best Eats: Wright and Read food courts have the best selection, but if I am looking for something a little healthier, Collins always provides healthy vegetarian meals.

Favorite Event: I love Little 500; I would have to say it is the biggest weekend at IU.

Travel: Most take the bus if their destination is on campus. If it is off campus then most take their car or get a ride.

Career Aspirations: I hope to become a lawyer and work for a nongovernmental organization.

Sample College Graduating Student Video Resume Script

Situation: You are a college graduating student and would like to highlight your academics, leadership, organizational, and marketing skills experienced through your extra-curricular activities.

Use the video resume to show your energy and highlight the two or three things from your written resume on which you want a potential employer to focus on. We recommend that a video resume should not be longer than two minutes.


Hi, My name is _(Your Name)_.

I am a senior at (Your School), graduating in March of 2007. I have learned a lot in college, including how to focus and prioritize. This has led to an increasing GPA in each of my years here, including a (Your GPA) last semester, and a (Your Grade) in my major of _(Your course).

I am a great communicator, and one of the things that I have enjoyed most about my time here at _(Your school)_ is committing to university organizations that serve both the people on campus and in the neighboring community. I was elected to a leadership position in two different organizations.


As Vice President of our school marketing organization, I managed 25 members and had an annual budget of 10,000 Pesos. I led the planning and execution of one of the largest charitable events in the history of our school, raising over 200,000 Pesos for a local Childrens' Hospital. This event required motivating and coordinating my organizational committee to cover every detail, including acquiring approvals and permits for the University. I created an overall marketing strategy, which included contributions of advertising space from the student newspaper and the organization which distributes flyers in the dormitories. We focused on selling tickets in advance, hoping students who bought tickets in advance would tell their friends and build momentum for the event. Our plan worked - we sold over 60% of the tickets prior to the event, which is double the typical advance sales we would have ever expected.

In summary, I am a focused and detail-oriented person who leads by getting involved. I love marketing and advertising. I think I can contribute right away, given my classwork and practical experience. I realize I have a lot to learn, and I am eager to work for a company where I am exposed to smart and skilled marketing professionals.


Thank you.


Occupational field

  • Arts, Culture, Recreation & Sports
  • Business & Administration
  • Engineering, Science & Technology
  • Health
  • Management & Business Ownership
  • Primary Industry
  • Processing, Manufacturing & Utilities
  • Sales & Service
  • Social Science, Education & Government
  • Trades, Transport & Equipment


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